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Dental Malpractice

Your dental practice and reputation are valuable assets that must be protected!

We can offer you this important protection through Fortress Insurance, which is "A" rated and specializes only in dental professionals. Since dentists comprise much of Fortress' Board of Directors as well as their entire national Advisory Board, your reputation and your future can benefit first hand from their experience.

Bottom line, Fortress is dedicated to dentistry and to protect and defend you. We offer valuable risk management guidance and the security of knowing that we understand and care about your practice. In the event of a lawsuit, Fortress will defend you and will not settle without your consent.

In addition, Fortress offers discounts to new practices, live and online courses that offer 10% policy discounts for three policy periods and informative newsletters. Their dedicated website includes valuable risk management tips which will assist you in running a smoother and safer practice.

Should you be interested in a quotation without obligation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and to serve your insurance needs.

Dentists & Dental Students

Protect your assets with malpractice liability through Fortress Insurance Company

  • Owned and operated by dentists
  • Considerable discounts for "New to Practice"
  • Risk management credits available
  • Part-time rates for qualified dentists
  • Malpractice, office property & liability, workers compensation, disability & medical
  • One stop shop for all your insurance needs